TC Max, a stylish speedy classic

Electric elegance

The TC is more classically styled and modeled after the café racers of the 1960s. And now the latest in the range, the TC Max is a larger and faster variant of the original TC, with a new top speed of 58mph. This is an extremely zippy bike; this makes exploring cities more exhilarating. The benefit of electric bikes is the instant power to the rear wheels, unlike petrol bikes.

Style and performance

TC Max is powered by a 18650 lithium-ion battery; its advanced technology combines performance with a lightweight body (105 kg). The batteries are removable, and this greatly facilitates the recharging operations. With a total capacity of 3240 Wh, it can travel 110 km at a speed of 45 km/h.  The TC Max packs the best of two worlds for riders; style and performance! Don’t miss out on this thrilling ride.

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