#SuperSocoaround: spreading emotions, spreading a revolution

A space for emotions

It’s time to spread your word and become part of the revolution! We are so proud to have such passionate fans and riders across the globe. Thousands of these people post their experiences with their SuperSoco products through their social media accounts. We wanted to interact more with our fans and also create a space for fans to interact with each other. This is why we launched #SuperSocoAround: a photo and video campaign that connects riders and fans from across the world.

Record your journey 

Share your favorite stories, photos, videos, and trips with fellow SuperSoco riders. You would be joining thousands of others that document their journeys with the SuperSoco product. So how do you join this revolution? It’s simple, just tag your photos or videos with #SuperSocoAround and #SuperSoco, allowing other riders and fans to see your epic experiences. We are so thankful for the continuous support from our fans and riders and we are super excited to see your experiences with your SuperSoco! Welcome to the family and safe riding! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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