CUx, silence at full volume

CUx: silent fun 

The CUx is swift, green, cheap and fun! There will be no more noisy streets filled with petrol mopeds. CUx ushers in the sound of silence, allowing riders to enjoy a thrilling ride through town without all the noise. It weighs just 70kg, has a top speed of 45km and a range of about 64km. Powering the CUx is a 60V lithium battery that can be charged in under 7 hours and a 1.3KW Bosch motor. The battery can be removed and charged, or it can be plugged in externally using a common household socket.

The commuter’s ally 

CUx is ideal for anyone who wants to travel to work but doesn’t want the expense of a bigger motorbike. This scooter is comfortable, nimble, zippy and absorbs bumps of uneven roads throughout your ride. The all-in-one bodywork gives the CUx a smooth and stylish look, riders will turn people’s heads when passing them. Now it’s your turn to hop on the CUx and twist the throttle and off you go!

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